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At St Heliers Osteopathic Clinic our two Osteopaths, Jeanette and Andrew are both experienced Osteopaths with expertise in a number of fields. They are ACC Accredited so no need for a referral and both are active members of Osteopaths New Zealand.

Osteopath St Heliers

Jeanette Wright (DO BSO UK)

Jeanette enjoys the variety of different conditions that present at the clinic. She particularly enjoys the complexities of the head, neck, and shoulder complex. Getting the balance of Strength, mobility, endurance, and good postural habits are essential for good health and helping overcome injuries.

Jeanette's personal History

After training in the UK, Jeanette has continued to expand her knowledge by attending many courses and seminars including; Cranial, Harmonics, Functional, and Stuctural courses on varying joints in the body from the neck to the big toe. After working in several clinics including her own practice in the central city and the St Heliers Clinic which was closer to home after her children were born.

Jeanette is registered with OCNZ, ACC accredited and is also a member of Osteopaths New Zealand Association.

Osteopath St Heliers

Andrew Duthie (BSc, Mst Ost)

Andrew enjoys treating sports injuries and relieving back/neck pain, tension headaches and chronic pain. He likes to incorporate all aspects of osteopathy and functional movement to personalize every treatment for long term results.

Andrew's personal history

Andrew has a diploma in therapeutic massage and was a certified gym instructor before training to become and qualify as an Osteopath in 2013.

As part of his extensive and varied client base, he has experience looking after athletes such as professional boxers and a number of semi professional rugby league teams both in New Zealand and Australia.

He has attended a Cranial SCTF course in 2016 and is registered with OCNZ and ACC accredited. He is also a member of Osteopaths New Zealand Association.

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