How long should I allow for my treatment?

Treatment time is usually between 40-60 minutes long. For the first treatment you should allow an hour.

Will my treatment be gentle?

The treatment strength will vary according to the diagnosis, physical build, age, and also your preference. A lot of patients comment on how gentle it is however a firmer treatment can be used for athletes and those wanting a firm treatment. At all stages of treatment your Osteopath will let you know what to expect and get your consent before proceeding.

Is manipulation a technique used?

Manipulation can be used but this is at the discretion of the patient and is not compulsory.

What age groups do you treat?

All age groups can be treated and the treatment tailored to suit the individual.

Why do you consider the whole body?

Muscles and other tissues may span several joints and merge with other structure so there can be a chain linking one area to another.

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